Conventional Dies

The technical department at Inadexa, S.A., has over 30 years’ experience designing and manufacturing solid, hollow and compact dies, in diameters of up to 450 mm. We keep a track record of over 100,000 different, successfully tested designs, including all manner of highly productive technical solutions for carpentry and industrial profiles, for soft and industrial alloys.

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At Inadexa we use top performing, heat-treated steel (H13-H11- QRO90-ADC3), manufactured by specialized, leading companies such as: BOHLER, THYSSEN. On weak tabs we apply accelerated, tilted cutting solutions on all types of straight or curved profiles. We also carry out accelerated or braked wire EDM cutting on the bearings of certain parts of the profile upon request.

We use interchangeable sockets made from hardened material or high-speed steel in irrigation piping dies, with thicknesses up to 0.7 mm.
Our experience over three decades in electrical discharge milling technology, means we are able to manufacture compact, high precision tubular dies.


We apply tailor-made technical and constructive solutions adapted to the needs of our clients, such as interchangeable males, “strip” dies, “closing” dies, etc...