History of Inadexa

Inadexa was founded in 1978 by a group of aluminium profile extrusion experts, with the objective of providing the national and international markets with tools for the extrusion industry. At that time, the major corporations manufactured their tools in their own workshops, but because of the increase in the need for extruded aluminium production, it became necessary to supply the national and international markets with high quality, low cost dies.

Historia de Inadexa
At the end of the 80’s, Inadexa underwent rapid growth because of the philosophy adopted by the company consisting of improving quality and customer service, favoured by the appearance in Spain of a large number of extruders. Likewise, and ever since its beginnings, Inadexa has always promoted exports, particularly to Latin America, Europe and Maghreb. In the 90’s Inadexa was pioneer in introducing Numerical Control Milling, which was a crucial factor in the company’s success, implementing the most advanced milling technology. Throughout those years Inadexa has been acknowledged by our clients as a company with an excellent reputation for manufacturing high precision, durable dies. Today, our qualified management and production staff at Inadexa exploits its many years of experience in a combination of know-how, design, manufacture and end finish of its dies, and is expanding towards international markets.